Below are downloadable wordlists containing words and phrases which have appeared in published crosswords. They are meant to only contain non-theme/non-wacky (i.e. usable) entries. There is a separate list for each publisher or source. These lists were generated from the data in the August 4, 2021 version of Matt Ginsberg's Clue Database; I do not know much about how the puzzles were sourced or scraped, nor do I know how comprehensive the data is for any particular publisher. I also make no guarantees about the accuracy of this data (in fact, a few random spot-checks on the NYT data shows that there are inconsistencies between these lists and the XWord Info finder page results).
Many thanks to Matt Ginsberg for providing this invaluable data source for so many years, and to Joe Krozel, Mark Diehl, and any others who have provided support on the clue database (I believe Mark and Joe have done the painstaking work of flagging theme entries, but there may be others I am not aware of).

These lists are in the typical wordlist format and are suitable for use with construction software – both Crossword Compiler (.txt) and CrossFire (.dict) versions are available. All entries are written in all capitals with no spaces or punctuation, one line per entry.
At this time, scored and full-text versions are not available (though I can provide this in the future by cross-referencing with my personal list, if there's sufficient demand). Hit me up if you have any other requests for specific formats of this data as well.
Crossword Compiler (.txt) CrossFire (.dict)
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